I Voted/Yo Voté Guide

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Show you voted AND have mad soldering skills with this blinky kit!

This is a parts kit that when soldered together, makes either an "I Voted" or "Yo Voté" badge that you can "pin" to your clothes with the two enclosed magnets.  And a battery IS included!  It has 2 switches - an ON/OFF and a BLINKING/SOLID.  So if you're sensitive to flashing lights, you can still wear it proudly in solid mode.
Want a badge that's already soldered?  Check out our I Voted Blinky Badge - Pre-assembled!

I thought we all needed something to make voting a little more fun this year, and to encourage everyone who can, to VOTE!  Voting is a privilege that not all US citizens have - there are millions living in US territories who are prevented from voting, and more who are currently living abroad and due to COVID, won't receive or return their ballots in time.  Everyone who can, must vote!

Unpack Your Kit

Solder Resistors

Note: It is easiest to start inward and work your way out

Start with 47k ohm resistors then 100 ohm and finally 499 ohm

Solder Battery Holder

Solder Transistors & Capacitors

Note: It will be easier to solder the transistors first. Match the flat spot on the transistors with the flat part of the outline drawn on the circuit board. In the picture below, the flat sides are both to the right.

Solder LEDs

Note: The LEDs are directional! There's a small flat edge on the LED lens, which is also the same side as the short leg of the LED. These should all go toward the flat edge of the part outline printed on the circuit board, which is to the right in the photo below. The placement of red vs blue also matters - the blue LEDs are placed in the solid blue spots and the red LEDs are placed in the spots indicated with an R.

Solder Switches

Place Battery

Note: Be sure to place the positive side of the battery facing up to match the marking on the battery holder.

Place Magnet or Adhesive pin (optional)

The magnets are very strong, use caution when handling. Place magnet on the battery holder, this will only work if the battery is installed. You can then attach it to any magnetic surface like your fridge.

If you'd like to wear your badge, you can use the ahdesive back pin provided in your kit. Remove the strip covering the adhesive and firmly press to the battery holder.  You can then pin the badge to your shirt or hat.

What the Switches do

The Switch on the left turns the badge ON and OFF.  The switch on the right changes the LEDs from SOLID to BLINKING


I designed these boards both to encourage people to vote, and to make it a little more fun.

I grew up in the US Virgin Islands, a territory in which the residents are denied the right to vote for President and have no voting representation in Congress, even though they are US citizens. Voting is sadly not a right, it's a privilege. If you have it, please use it, and VOTE!

I designed both English and Spanish versions, in recognition of the large Hispanic population of US citizens, both those who live stateside and can vote, and those that live in Puerto Rico and cannot. Además, estoy aprendiendo español otra vez, despues de muchos años de no hablarlo.


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