Soldering Iron Guide


Get soldering! We've curated these kits to include a bunch of accessories that will not only get you soldering, but get you started with surface mount (SMT) soldering! These irons are 65W and come with a variety of tips including a 0.8mm bent tip that we like for SMT work, a rosin flux pen, a sample of 0.4mm (thin) lead-free solder, no-clean solder wick, fine-tipped curved tweezers for holding tiny components, cutters, a holster-style stand, and brass wool tip cleaner!

Want to start soldering and you're on a budget?  We've got you covered!  These supplies will get you going without committing a lot of $$.

The Soldering Iron Kit Includes:
-Soldering iron
-6 different tips
-Brass tip cleaner
-Lead free solder, 0.4mm diameter
-No-clean flux pen
-Solder wick
-Wire cutters

Need something to practice your SMT skills on? We've got you covered! Check out our SMT Garden practice board with 8 different practice areas and a circuit that lights up and flashes some LEDs!


What Comes in the Kit and What are Their Uses?

We've included a description of each item that comes in your kit. It's also availableas a PDF download

How to Set up Your Soldering Iron

Take the base, holder, Iron, and brass wool out of the case.  Place the metal iron holder into the slot in the base.

Remove plastic covering from iron and tip.  Place the brass wool in the base of the solering iron stand.

Watch video below to learn how to get started with your soldering project!


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