The Glider Swift is a modern, smooth, umbrella-style swift that is simply a joy to use.

We've designed the Glider Swift to be even better than traditional umbrella swifts - our one-handed raising and lowering mechanism leaves one hand free to wrangle yarn.  Our clamps are stable and have ample range to fit on a variety of table thicknesses.  Best of all, the swift just glides.  Its smooth action doesn't add unnecessary tension to your ball of yarn.

The general Glider Swift listing will allow you to choose any two colors and styles, one for inner struts and one for outer struts.  The Rainbow listings are special configurations with multiple colors on the outer struts - they can also be used to choose any custom assortment of outer strut colors.  The Galaxy listing is broken out just for ease, and to show you how much these epic swifts shine!  You can also order them through the main Glider Swift listing.

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