The Glider Swift - Galaxies

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These swifts are star-studded for all of you explorers with space in your hearts!  They feature a swirling galaxy pattern with light sparkles on the outer struts, with black starry sparkles on the inner struts.  The unwinding experience is truly out of this world!

Outer Strut Galaxy Choices:
Purple: blue-purple swirls with silvery sparkles
Green: teal-green swirls with gold sparkles
Witch: purple and green swirls with gold sparkles

Inner Strut Star Choices:
Black Slate: Highly sparkley, silvery blue-grey
Black Gold: Highly sparkley, greenish-gold
Black Hole: Medium sparkley, deep opaque black with silver sparkles
Black Rainbow: Lightly sparkley, smokey black with holographic rainbow sparkles

If you want to choose different inner strut colors, use the main swift listing!
More info on all Swift Colors.


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