The Glider Swift - Classic Rainbow (Dazzle Series)

Sale price$184.00


We made a couple of these swifts for Knitted Wit and leighann, and are now making it an official option!   The Rainbow Dazzle on the inside is super glittery and complements all the solid rainbow Dazzle colors on the outside, or you could go dark and choose black hubs with one of the Black Dazzles on the inside.

Choose Make It a Rainbow! for these outer strut colors: Red, Orange, Gold, Green, Blue, Purple.  Or choose your own custom color combo on the outside - maybe you want stripes or maybe you want to make your own Pride swift!  You can choose up to 6 colors, please write them in the order you'd like them to appear.  If you want fewer colors, please still write in all 6 spaces (ex: pink, orange, gold, pink, orange, gold). 

Check out our Swift Colors page for more photos of the Dazzle series colors.


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