The Glider Swift - Pastel Rainbow (Shimmer Series)

Sale price$179.00


This swift was first requested by oshenknits and it turned out so great we had to make it an official option!   The clear and sparkly Rainbow Shimmer on the inside makes the pastel rainbow of Shimmer colors on the outside look like they're floating.  This swift really shines in the sun, when the translucent Shimmer colors cast a rainbow shadow.

Choose Make It a Rainbow! for these outer strut colors: Pink, Orange, Gold, Lime, Teal, Lilac.  Or choose your own custom color combo on the outside.  You can choose up to 6 colors, please write them in the order you'd like them to appear.  If you want fewer colors, please still write in all 6 spaces (ex: pink, orange, gold, pink, orange, gold).  Note that the red and blue Shimmer colors are a fair bit darker than the rest and will stand out.

Check out our Swift Colors page for more photos of the Shimmer series colors.


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