Blinky the LED Plushie Kit

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Have you hugged an LED today? Blinky is soft, squishy, and can brighten up any room! They are an adorable plushie WS2812 (an addressable RGB LED chip) which blinks red, green, and blue LEDs if you choose to make the kit! You can also choose just the plushie if you're happy with just a squishy faux-LED.

Blinky is our unofficial mascot here at Alpenglow Industries because we love LEDs!  With their big, cheerful eyes and smile, Blinky is the perfect personification of the joy we feel about LEDs!  You can put together the kit by twisting wires together, no soldering is required. 

Each kit comes with the following items included:
1 - Stuffed plushie (about 6 x 6 inches)
1 - 3mm red LED
1 - 3mm green LED
1 - 3mm blue LED
3 - Red wires
3 - Blue wires
2 - 499ohm resistors
1 - Battery holder
2 - CR2032 batteries

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