LED Basics Kit

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This innovative breadboard kit kicks it old-school, using a wood board to create a wire-wrapped circuit!  No soldering is required, just some pliers to make tight wraps and a few common tools.  This kit teaches you how a simple LED circuit works, how two different switches work, the difference between an open and closed circuit, and how to use a multimeter (not included) to measure voltage, current, resistance, LED direction, and continuity.

We created these because we wanted something easier to use than a typical grid-style solderless breadboard, which can be difficult for beginners to visualize and understand the hidden connections.  In this kit, each component has a marked space, and the schematic symbol is next to each one so you can easily see its electrical symbol and learn how to read a schematic.  There are convenient test points that alligator probes easily clip to, for measuring current and voltage.  The kit can be powered with any USB supply (a USB-C cable is required), though we recommend a 1A or lower current-limited supply or charger.  A resettable fuse is part of the kit, but care should still be taken to prevent a short circuit (5V and GND touching) at the USB connector.

We've used these kits ourselves in our own Basic Electronics workshops and they were a huge success!  We hope you enjoy learning with them or teaching with them.  Please contact us for volume purchasing.  We have also open-sourced the files needed to re-create this kit yourself, if you have access to a laser-cutter.

This kit is intended for adults, it contains small parts that are not appropriate for young children.

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