Happy Rain Cloud Soldering Kit

Alpenglow IndustriesSKU: HRC-0001

Kit Choice: Happy Rain Cloud Kit (NEW version)
Sale price$10.95


NEW and IMPROVED for even EASIER soldering!  Our old version is now on sale while supplies last.

The Happy Rain Cloud is a super cute and fun kit that is great for beginners!  It was designed for people of all ages to have a fun, easy project to learn how to solder.  

This is a kit which you will need to solder yourself.  It comes with 3 self-flashing rainbow LEDs that act as the cloud's rain drops.  Also included are an on/off switch, a CR2032 battery, and a pin and magnet for either sticking to yourself or a refrigerator. 

It was the first in our Solder Weather series. Check out all its friends, the Angry Storm CloudChilly Snow Cloud, Sunny Surprise, and Radiant Rainbow!  

You will need a soldering iron and soldering supplies in order to assemble this kit.

PCBs have been made by PCBWay and Elecrow.

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