Soldering Iron Kit

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Get soldering! We've curated these kits to include a bunch of accessories that will not only get you soldering, but get you started with surface mount (SMT) soldering! These irons are 65W and come with a variety of tips including a 0.8mm bent tip that we like for SMT work, a rosin flux pen, a sample of 0.4mm (thin) lead-free solder, no-clean solder wick, fine-tipped curved tweezers for holding tiny components, cutters, a holster-style stand, and brass wool tip cleaner!

Want to start soldering and you're on a budget?  We've got you covered!  These supplies will get you going without committing a lot of $$.

The Soldering Iron Kit Includes:
-Soldering iron
-6 different tips
-Brass tip cleaner
-Lead free solder, 0.4mm diameter
-No-clean flux pen
-Solder wick
-Wire cutters

Need something to practice your SMT skills on? We've got you covered! Check out our SMT Garden practice board with 8 different practice areas and a circuit that lights up and flashes some LEDs!

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