A Nice Knob

Alpenglow IndustriesSKU: ANK-0001

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Who doesn't love a good knob? These were designed for our yarn-handling tool but think they're too good not to share! A silver line on the top and down the side make it easy to see settings from many angles. (Potentiometer not included)

You'd think there would be so many different sizes and shapes of knobs out there, that you could buy whatever you wanted.  WRONG!  We designed these for one of our yarn tools because we needed a larger knob with a line both across the top and down the side, to make it easy to see from far away.  They are designed to be compatible with TT Electronics P160 series rotary potentiometers with a 6mm Q-type slotted shaft (the one pictured is PN: P160KN-0QC15B10K and it does NOT come with the knob).  Our knobs are MJF (multi-jet fusion) printed so there are no layer weaknesses!  The finish is matte black (dyed) with a hand-painted silver line inside a notch.  They are approx. 1.2" x 0.77".

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