Coin Cell Power Board

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We made the Coin Cell Power board to make displays for our soldering kits at conventions, which we could power from a single USB battery bank. Now you can add fixed power to your CR2032 badges too! Also useful for badge makers to test your assembled badges.

Note: it is ONLY compatible with side-loading CR2032 battery holders like the one in the photo! It will not plug directly into top-loaders, though you can solder wires from the Coin Cell power board to their tabs.

Interested in a bulk purchase of 100 or more, or interested in bare boards? Contact us for pricing.

Plug in a 5V USB source at the USB-C connector, turn the top switch to ON, and select 5V or 3V power to your badge with the bottom switch. Plug the thicc Coin Cell Power board directly into the side-loading CR2032 holder on your badge! Each board comes with one JST PH cable so you can daisy-chain multiple Coin Cell Power boards and badges together.


  • Make a permanent display of your blinky badge by using a USB wall wart, and never have to change batteries again!
  • Power multiple blinky badges daisy-chained together off of a single USB battery pack
  • Are you a badge maker? Easily test your badges without having to fish a battery in and out every time.

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