Light-Up Crafting Status Signs

Sign Options: 1 Sign + 1 Base (CRAFTING)
Sale price$39.95


Do you sometimes wish you had a way to communicate that you are F'ING BUSY to your household?  We've got you!  Introducing our Crafting Status Signs, the best way to tell someone that you're in the middle of some serious shit.  Whether you're ripping a dead sweater, concentrating on that tricky lace pattern, in the middle of counting a bazillion cast-on stitches, or just happily celebrating craft time, we've got a sign for that!  These were made with help from Maria and Christopher at A Needle Runs Through It, they brought these to life in a beautiful way!

Signs come as one wood light-up base and one sign plate, and you can additional signs or get all 4 together.  The signs just slide into the bases, so you can quickly and easily change from one to the other.  The bases are full color and a button on the power cable allows to adjust the brightness and cycle through several modes.  You can choose between 7 different solid colors (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, or white) and 3 different modes (color fading, color switching, or color flashing).

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