Merry Krampus

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Krampus is coming for all you naughty makers out there! This board is available in 3 versions: fully assembled and ready to hang with glowing red eyes and tongue; as a Hacker Challenge Kit with the board, components, programmer, and programmer adapter kit; or as a plain board with hanging hardware so you can provide your own backlighting and/or eyes and tongue color.

Fully Assembled:
These are ready-to-hang creepy Krampuses!  We've assembled these in our shop in San Luis Obispo.  They're pre-loaded with glowing/flashing software which lights up the eyes and the tongue with red backlit LEDs.  They come with rings and a chain, ready to hang anywhere!  A CR2032 battery is included.

Hacker Challenge:
For those of you who have been super naughty this year, Krampus comes with a kit of surface mount parts (smallest are the SOT-23-6 processor and 1206 resistors and LEDs), a hanging hardware kit, a USBasp programmer already updated for TPI protocol, and a pogo pin kit so that you can do your own programming!  What does Krampus bring naughty programmers?  512 bytes of flash!  No more for you!  Write simpler and more efficient code, you naughty naughty maker!  Or you can still use our code, on GitHub

Just the Board:
We think Krampus looks pretty great on his own, so if you just want the board to hang up, this is the one for you.  Comes with just the board and hanging hardware, you can color in his eyes and tongue with a marker if you want, and hang him in front of lights you already have!

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