Merry Solderless Krampus Ornament Kit

Alpenglow IndustriesSKU: MSK-0001

Sale price$12.95


We just can’t get enough of Krampus! As the name suggests this kit is completely solderless! It’s great for most ages and any level of experience. The kit comes with:

1 - Krampus
2 - 3mm Red LEDs
1 - Battery Holder
1 - CR2032 Battery
1 - Length of chain
1 - Jump ring

This is a beginner-friendly Krampus Kit! If you'd like the satisfaction of putting together something yourself, but aren't quite up for the Hacker Challenge, this is the kit for you! Just put the 2 LEDs through the board, wrap them with the wires from the battery holder, insert the battery, and you're ready for some demonic fun! This kit is great for anyone new to electronics, or for you old hacks that love a quick and easy old-school "breadboard" - style project.

Merry Krampus!

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