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Showing 1 - 24 of 42 products
Knitting RulerKnitting Ruler
Knitting Ruler
Sale price$11.95
SMT GardenSMT Garden
SMT Garden
Sale price$19.95
Build-a-Blob KitBuild-a-Blob Kit
Build-a-Blob Kit
Sale price$19.95
Merry Solderless Krampus Ornament KitMerry Solderless Krampus Ornament Kit
It's Solder Weather Series BundleIt's Solder Weather Series Bundle
Sale price$10.95
Angry Storm Cloud Soldering KitAngry Storm Cloud Soldering Kit
Merry KrampusMerry Krampus
Merry Krampus
Sale priceFrom $9.95
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PCB RulersPCB Rulers
PCB Rulers
Sale priceFrom $5.95
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Chilly Snow Cloud Soldering KitChilly Snow Cloud Soldering Kit
Bits, Set of 8Bits, Set of 8
Bits, Set of 8
Sale price$19.95
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Swirly Sheep Ornament KitSwirly Sheep Ornament Kit
Swirly Sheep Ornament Kit
Sale price$14.95
Sunny Surprise Soldering KitSunny Surprise Soldering Kit
PS - I Hate You KitPS - I Hate You Kit
PS - I Hate You Kit
Sale price$14.95
Resistor BendersResistor Benders
Resistor Benders
Sale priceFrom $6.95
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Spooky CoffinSpooky Coffin
Spooky Coffin
Sale price$9.95
Happy Rain Cloud Soldering KitHappy Rain Cloud Soldering Kit
Glitter Pride Flag
Glitter Pride Flag
Sale price$64.95
Circuit Candy HeartsCircuit Candy Hearts
Circuit Candy Hearts
Sale priceFrom $4.95
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Soldering Iron KitSoldering Iron Kit
Soldering Iron Kit
Sale price$69.95
Raglan, Tops-Down!Raglan, Tops-Down!
Raglan, Tops-Down!
Sale price$19.95
Raglan, Bottoms-Up!Raglan, Bottoms-Up!
Raglan, Bottoms-Up!
Sale price$19.95
Radiant Rainbow Soldering KitRadiant Rainbow Soldering Kit

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